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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

01. Is the discovery call free or do you charge for it?

The first call, i.e. the “discovery” call is free of charge. You get to book the time according to your comfort. I always ask all my clients to be as descriptive as possible when the are scheduling their call so they can get the most amount of value, from it. Any other calls after the initial call, are chargeable at $125 USD per hour. If you fail to show up at the scheduled time, the discovery call is considered fulfilled.

02. I purchased something from the shop and need some help, how can I get in touch with you?

That’s what the contact form is for above, just select the relevant options and type “SUPPORT” in the subject, to reach the support system so that I can help you. 

03. I can't afford your services/coaching/product at this moment, is there any other way to learn from you?

I totally get that. And that’s exactly why you’ll find many articles in my blog, completely free of cost. You can engage by leaving comments and I’ll try to help you the best way possible. I do take pro-bono work on from time to time so go on and ask me about it. You can join my free facebook groups too for more personalised advice from myself:

04. I'd like to book a project with you, what are your rates?

Because of the nature of custom projects, and the customised nature of the service it’s not possible to quote a rate without knowing what you want. Please use the form above to get an idea. But for the sake of estimates, my hourly rate is $80 USD for tech and admin work. For graphic design and website developemt services, please check the services page from the menu tab.

05. Do you design, just logos? I need a custom logo design for my blog/business.

I believe in working with different kinds of businesses. Sometimes, when you are just starting out, a logo, or an icon set or something stand alone is all you need. And I would love to work with you on that. The rates for custom logo designs start at $350 and go all the way up to $1500. We can discuss this in more detail when you fill up the inquiry form above and get your discovery call scheduled!

06. Can you help me set up a theme/template I purchased from elsewhere on my website?

Lucky for you! I can. I believe you should be able to make your blog or business website look and feel exactly the way you want. Sometimes, you just need that extra help. I can help set-up your theme/template exactly like in the demo or with some customisations and it is chargeable at my hourly rate of $80 USD per hour. I can work comfortably with Google’s blogger platform, WordPress, Wix and Showit.