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A membership like no other. A truly affordable way to DIY your blog, make it grow and make an income doing what you love. I'm teaching you all my secrets and strategies that I have learned over the years to help me grow my blog the way I want it to.




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this membership will empower you with the right tools to grow your blog and take it to the next level.


Balkeni Studio is known for its blogger templates, and guess what, we've got tutorials in our membership to help you take your blogger blog from zero to hero, discover just how customisable blogger is!


Grow your blog by reading tried and tested tutorials, you'll never have to worry about finding advices that don't work or worked 10 years ago. We keep our content updated regularly.


What's a membership without some good ol' freebies? BORING! Just to spice things up, we keep adding actual products from our shop for free only for members. 


Like to DIY? Well, we like writing tutorials. That makes us a perfect fit. We love writing tutorials where bloggers like yourself can easily get the results you are looking for.

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is there a free option available?

We've made this membership to be incredibly affordable at $50/year. We hope this will make it so you can afford it easily. Other than that, we've got a blog that's got some pretty good articles that are available for free. We hope you'll like them.

how will i be charged?

You'll be charged $50 for an entire year. You'll be able to pay via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.

why should i choose this membership?

It's really hard to show you the value without showing you the value, but just to put it in perpective, our shop has items worth $3000 in inventory, which you could get for free in this membership + the members-only blog content, + tutorials + freebies should make it so that it's all worth to you at $50/year.

can i contact support?

Yes, send over your questions etc. here.

Let's help you grow your blog and transform your life.

pay once every year

Everything from the shop.

Members-only content; tutorials and blog posts.

Freebies, printables and more added regularly.


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Balkeni Studio is a a small home-based branding and styling studio. We offer blogger templates, website designs and more for bloggers and creatives.


Balkeni Studio

No ads, no agendas, just credible advice.

Our membership includes a lot of members-only content and of course, things from our shop, for free, exclusively for our members only.