WordPress Tutorial: How To Change The Site Preview Image

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WordPress is a great option to choose in terms of a content management system, you’ll see most bloggers recommend this system. Although I would argue that their intentions behind this are not the same as mine.

I’m a professional web designer and developer, and I don’t like to pick my online platforms from a hat. If you must compare my advice, then think of it more like the sorting hat from Harry Potter. I like to advice my clients on which platform will be best for them, based on what they want to do.

But more on that some other time, today, I’m bringing you, a probably overwhelmed and confused blogger or website owner a tutorial to help give yourself the perfect way to change your site preview image on WordPress. Or, more commonly known as your site favicon.

And I’m going to keep this very short. To the point really so that you can follow this tutorial quickly!

01 . Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

And on the left hand side, head over to the Appearance tab. When you hover over it, a new menu will pop up, then you’ll click on Customize.

02 . Head over to the Site Identity Settings

You will now first click on General Settings (then) > Site Identity (then) > Change Image

And you’re done!


  • Make sure your image is at least 512×512 pixels. It is better is it’s bigger than that.
  • Make sure it has a background, PNG (transparent) or no background images will show a black background , so unless you want that, use the colors you want.



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