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I’m so thrilled to know that you’ve decided to start your blog using Google’s blogger platform. I do feel that as a blogger or a service-based creative, you’re already at an advantage, no matter how much your business or blog grows, you’ll never have to pay extensive hosting costs or expensive fees while hosting with the blogger platform. While keeping most of customization options open! Now, I’ll guide you step-by-step to help you start a blog or website using blogger.

the Step by step guide on starting a blog using Google’s free platform

01 . Visit

visit blogger website

It’s best if you open a new tab in your browser, and then visit You’ll need a e-mail ID to make an account with blogger, most people use gmail however, in case you don’t you can just create an account while you follow through with these instructions. Then just click on “Create Your Blog” and either sign in to your gmail account or make a new account.

Go to

02 . Choose a name for your blog

choose your blog's name

After you’re signed in using your gmail account or you create a new account you’ll be presented with a screen that asks you to name your blog. You might want to have a name ready at this point so you can type it in and get on over to the next step.

Unlock: Name Your Blog Workbook – Coming Soon

03. Get your free domain from blogger

Now, you’ll be asked to choose a URL for your blog. Don’t get confused if you don’t know what this means. URL means the address for your blog, this will be the free “.blogspot[.]com” domain you get from Google. Tip: it’s a really good practice to use the name of your blog without any spaces here. Blogger will let you know if the name is available or if you need to change it. Your final URL will probably look like: “thenameyouchose[dot]blogspot[dot]com”. Don’t worry, you can always upgrade it to to something like: thenameyouchose[dot]com later.

04. Choose your display name

choose your display name

You’ll now be prompted to choose a display name. This is going to be the name of your blogger profile and the name that shows up when you comment on other blogger blogs, including replies and comments on your own blog. It’s important to use your actual name or a pen name here if you will. You want people to know that an actual human writes your blog, right? I also see some people use their business name and I think that works as well if you are a business or more than one person running the blog or website.

05.Congratulations, you did it!

Congratulations, you now have your very own blog hosted by Google’s blogger platform. You’ll notice you have a standard default theme from blogger and you’ll be taken straight to your blogger dashboard!

06. Join the support groups

join the support groups

Sometimes, all you need to achieve the results you want is a supportive community of like minded people. Well, come join us for a judgement-free, safe place to connect with other bloggers on the blogger platform, ask questions, get answered and form long-lasting e-friendships!

Join the FREE support group for bloggers on blogger!

When I first started a blog it was on google’s free blogger platform. I only changed 5 years later because I decided to delve into developing websites on WordPress and wanted to learn that ecosystem. Since I am someone who learns most by actually maintaining an active role in the builder platform I’m using, I decided to shift over to WordPress. I still really really love blogger, and I actively develop themes for the platform too.

You can check out my shop, to see my premium blogger themes, and use the code BALKENISTARTER to get 15% OFF any theme for making it all the way through this tutorial! Thanks for reading!

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